Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates and expectations

Later this month I will be conducting a seminar in Belgium, and then another one four weeks later in Spain. It's been a while since I have done seminars abroad, so there are several things I look forward to.

First, seeing some old friends and making new ones. Honestly, at this point of my "career" in martial arts, it is probably the main good thing about going to seminars. Of course, learning something new is always exciting (btw, there is a LOT to learn from teaching such events, if you pay attention), as is seeing new places and trying new cuisines and stuff, but it is the specific energy of the gathering that distinguishes these get-togethers from other communal instances. I guess it is due to the shared passion for something that not too many "ordinary" people understand...

Next,  over the years I have adapted and changed (hopefully grown) as a an instructor, and presenting a seminar is always a nice testing ground for your technical skills and teaching "chops". Getting away from the comfort zone of one's own training group/club provides the new and different energy to work with and plethora of valuable insights. Teaching in a condensed block fashion also requires a different kind of focus and communication approach, so again - fresh perspective on my own understanding of the material. Not to mention the questions coming from the participants...

All in all - I expect have a blast, and promise to share the impressions and some footage with my faithful readers :-)

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