Friday, May 29, 2015

Learning the decision making

It's been a while since I last wrote a review. Fortunately, Luis Preto (check our my earlier posts about him) delivered an awesome product again, so here is my take on it.

This time what we have is a DVD titled "COMBAT TACTICS: Decision making in weapon based martial arts", and it really delivers an excellent presentation on the subject. I gotta say first, the choice of the subject itself is quite brilliant. The marked is flooded with all kinds of technique/form/combination etc. teaching media, but very few people addressed the much needed topic of teaching and learning the "cement:, i.e. what holds all the techniques together in performance.

This is it!
Luis covers all the bases in this one, tackling the defense, attack, counter attack, combinations, but by far most importantly he pays attention to how the typical combative encounter unfolds, how to manage that process, and then even offers the strategic approach (yes, strategic - as in the overarching view that helps you choose the right tactics) in the form of decision pyramid, to help the viewer maximize the efficiency of their training.

In conclusion, forgive me for quoting my own review on the Amazon site, but I stand behind the words:
In other words, this is a pretty unique product in the field at the moment, so you really should treat yourself and obtain it. If you are an instructor in combat with impact weapons of any sort, as well as with any bladed weapon that does rely entirely on stabbing, then this should be mandatory watching.

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